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Homebuyers look to escape crowded cities and big towns by moving to the country





As we know, coronavirus has meant more people are working from home while lockdown made them realise, they wanted more space. Property website Rightmove says homebuyers are looking to escape crowded cities and big towns by moving to the country or the coast. They said searches have doubled for homes in small towns and villages with populations less than 11,000.


Caroline Langton was on the cusp of exchanging on a flat in East London earlier this year - and then came the coronavirus lockdown. Instead, she ended up buying a property in Ramsgate near the sea and says “here you've got that huge panoramic beach, and you get that sense of space, which you just don't get in London”. She now works remotely from home, which is much bigger than the flat she could have afforded in the city.


Rightmove say seaside resorts have seen the biggest rise in sales. Tim Bannister says buyers are preparing for long term social distancing and wanting more outdoor space, as well as becoming more willing to have a country commute a few times a week.


It is expected that prices will be lower over the next year. However, despite warning of negative prices next year, RICS reported strong house sales in September.


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To find out more about this shift and the locations which have been the most popular, read the BBC report here.


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