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Here we are again at Christmas and what a year this has been !!




Here we are again at Christmas and what a year this has been !!


When planning for Christmas last year the biggest topic of the day was 'Getting Brexit Done' and looking forward to brighter things in the future. All very positive then  Covid 19 changed everything!! Very sad for many, difficult for others and a Gamechanger for us all -  and still trying to get Brexit Done !!

There are however a lot of positives, particularly in the UK residential property market and holiday home market that will hopefully continue into a better 2021.


UK Property Market

We have seen a surge in demand throughout the  Lockdown restrictions and anticipated this settling down over Winter but there is still a strong momentum going forward driven by the suspension of Stamp Duty but a need to be very realistic on property values.


Holiday Homes Ownership

 We have seen a boom in holiday home sales and enquiries as more people are looking to 'Stay at Home' for future holidays. There is also a major shift of holiday home owners with properties abroad looking to relocate in  UK  so why not have one that you can visit with ease.


Holiday Home - Work from Home

 As more  people are having to  work from home many  are saying 'which home'  House or Holiday Home !! If you have to work from 'home why not do this from somewhere nice. Many city workers are either buying holiday homes, taking long lets on holiday cottages and even relocating. Thought for the future !!


Staycation Holidays 

Foreign travel is still difficult and while  possibly  easing in 2021 there may still be difficulties in actually getting there.  Staycation Holidays are going to be the future with the  loss to foreign holidays a gain to the UK so get planning for 2021. 


Have a Great Christmas and if you are looking for a UK holiday, buy a UK Holiday Home or simply move house in the New Year then Team Tempo can help. We have wide range of properties for sale across the UK so :-

Contact Team Tempo on 01772 633399 or visit our websites 

The future is 'Staycation'




Light at the

End of the Tunnel !!

While 2020 has been a tough year all round we can hopefully look for a much happier 2021 with the Covid 19 immunisation programme now underway.

  This has been a gamechanger for us all but due to a lot of hard
work and initiative we have kept everything moving during the pandemic and had a record
year so 


 A Very Big Thank You to All Our
Customers From All at Team Tempo

All the Very Best for 2021



Another Day -  Another Record

The latest Halifax Building Society Index shows a surge in property prices from March to November.

With mortgage approvals at a 13 year high the current market is being driven by a desire to move from urban locations and the trend for more home working space.

The housing market has been much  more resilient than predicted with many homeowners remaining confident about the coming year.

The Stamp Duty Holiday is also a major factor so if looking to sell now is the time to get on the market so contact Team Tempo on 

Time to Get On The Market while these trends continue 




Stamp Duty Holiday

A window of opportunity so do not miss it

The Stamp duty holiday is to 31st March 2021 and while there may be a lobby to extend it this is the rule to date. So if you are looking to sell before this deadline allow plenty of  time to market your property,

finding a buyer and completing a sale takes time and Stamp Duty relief will only apply on the completion  so get your property on the market now !!

This is a huge opportunity for both buyers and sellers so get moving now



 Marketing Your Property in the New Era

While the property market is open for business there is still a need for caution and strict guidelines for carrying out property visits and viewings. It is however relatively straightforward to put your property up 'For Sale' with minimum contact so if you are keen to get on the market then

Visit our website to upload your images, videos and descriptions

Let Team Tempo do the Work!




Looking for a Change

If you are looking to sell or upgrade your holiday home now is the right time 

We market to the widest audience possible to include our own dedicated website

National advertising platforms, including Rightmove

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Adwords and many more.

We have an extensive list of potential holiday home and park home buyers so

Contact us on 01772 633399



2021 is going to be the Year of the Staycation

Planning your holidays for 2021 then start now as there are going to be a lot of opportunities.

Had enough of isolation and ready for a break then  why not book a holiday cottage or lodge in the countryside and spend some quality time with the family.

UK is a special holiday destination  at every time of the year so why not take a break and enjoy.


Click Here to Book a Break




Really want to get away from it all?

Then let Team Tempo find your Dream Home

We have a wide range of holiday homes for sale across the whole of the UK and now is a great time to take a good look at what is available, as this is going to be a very busy market when the lockdown is lifted so why not contact Team Tempo for further information.




Buying a Holiday Home or moving House can be a major investment that often requires additional funding from specialist lenders. If you are looking for advice contact us!


Looking to sell your House, Residential Park Home or Holiday Home then contact

Team Tempo



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