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New year, fresh start - How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell



We are looking forward to a brisk sales market as we enter the New Year. The sales and letting market was very positive up to the Christmas break so there is good reason to hope this will continue. Here’s Tempo’s Top Tips of how to get your property market-ready!


Clutter…or should we say, less of it!


Decluttering tops the list as our number one tip as we believe its benefits should not be underestimated!


Getting rid of clutter creates the illusion of roomier spaces and gives the impression of a cleaner and tidier home. It aids preospective buyers in visualisaing themselves in the property, meaning they're more likely to be serious about making an offer! 


Minor DIY


Now’s the time to get those annoying little jobs you’ve been putting off done! This ensures your prospective buyers won’t be marking down your home because of little things which can be easily and affordably fixed.


For example, the kitchen might be in need or a re-grout or your taps may need descaling…whatever it is, now’s the perfect time to get it ticked off the list.



Outside space


Make first impressions count, your front garden is the first thing potential buyers will see so give them a reason to start smiling! Your back garden can also be a deal clincher so how about following these steps to tidying up your outdoor space.


Cut the grass and prune overgrown hedges and weeds. Make sure your gate or a fence panel isn’t about to fall off, and maybe give the patio or shed a fresh lick of paint!



Give rooms the right purpose


Giving prospective buyers a sense of what the home can offer is really important. If you’ve marketed your home as having three-bedrooms, where possible try and make sure there are three bedrooms for home hunters to view, rather than leaving that third bedroom as a study! Again, it’s all about helping them visualise living in your home.



The all-important bathroom and kitchen


Being the two most expensive rooms for a buyer to upgrade, it’s worth putting a little effort in to sway your prospective buyers to be positive about these spaces.


With bathrooms, always make it mould-free, store toiletries away where you can and keep the toilet seat down. With kitchens, clear your worktops and keep utensils and food in cupboards. Put away washing up and tidy away any indication of pets, prospective buyers may not be pet lovers!





Gathering up all the relevant documents you’re going to need can really save time later down the line.


Some of the documents you might consider rounding up include HM Land Registry title documents, gas and electrical checks, planning permission documents and subsidence guarantees.


Here at Tempo, we’ll be able to let you know all the documents required to sell your home with us!



And finally…Light!


Darkness generally makes a room look smaller, this can be off-putting for potential buyers. We suggest opening up those blinds and curtains, flooding your home with as much light as possible!


 There you have it, easy ways to get your home ready to sell with Team Tempo. For your FREE market appraisal call us now on 01772 633399.

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