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Pandemic leads home owners to re-evaluate their housing requirements


Richard Donnel, Director of research at Zoopla, has stated that the pandemic has led to a once-in-a-lifetime re-evaluation of housing requirements.



He stated “Both homeowners and renters are reprioritising what they want in a home, resulting in an appetite for more space and changing work and commuting patterns.” Indeed, home owners have said that the pandemic has put the home at the front and centre, and that they have begun thinking about their living arrangement more often than before.


Whilst three-bedroom houses remain the most in-demand type of property in the UK, drilling down to a regional level, there has been a noticeable uptick in their demand across London and south east England. Indeed, the home is more than ever needing to accommodate the need for both work and play. This has left many searching for more space.


Realtors and design experts anticipate other emerging trends from the pandemic. There could be a greater desire for more minimalist designs and easy to clean decor and surfaces, a preference for multi-purpose spaces and more closed-concept floor plans to provide more privacy. Interestingly, design professor Lloyd Alter anticipates a "reversal of the open-concept kitchen," where instead of the kitchen being the heart of the home, it'll return to being a closed-off space to ensure proper sanitation.


Renovations could also include permanent home offices with a professional aesthetic for video calls, at-home gyms to stay active and a backyard oasis to replace cancelled vacation plans.


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